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We think of Brits as famously polite, but last night (October 25) it was Stephen Colbert who took Hugh Laurie to task over an apparent lack of manners.

Hugh was on The Late Show to promote the second season of Chance, which started on Hulu earlier this month. He’s been a regular guest on the show since his stint as House M.D. made him a big name in America, meaning he and Stephen go way back, with his last visit coinciding with the final Presidential Debate just over a year ago.

Back then, Stephen noticed Hugh enjoyed using a segway during breaks in filming, so, being the kind and thoughtful person he is, he bought one for the The Night Manager star and had it delivered in time for Christmas.

So far, so festive. But when Stephen reminded Hugh of his generous gift last night, the expression on Hugh’s face said it all… specifically, that he’d neglected to say thank you.

Uh-oh. The awkwardness didn’t end there, either. Stephen seemed eager to grill his guest over his rudeness, first showing him a printout of the delivery confirmation email he received, and then handing him another gift: a brand new box of thank you notes.

Watch as Hugh squirmed his way out of this one:

Would you have forgiven Hugh?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.