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People are allowed to change their minds, but as of now, Daniel Day-Lewis has officially announced that he’s retiring from acting, with his final performance in the can. He. Is. Out.

Alright, have you had a moment for the finality of it all to soak in? Rather than dwelling on what could be considered a loss, let’s focus on what’s to come, that being… Day-Lewis reuniting with his There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson. The 2007 film won Day-Lewis an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Their next collaboration, Phantom Thread, is also a period film, set in 1950s London. Day-Lewis portrays a sought-out dressmaker by the name of Reynolds Woodcock. He lives a lavish life to that of onlookers, clothing the elite, enjoying a successful career, which comes with it financial freedom, but he craves love, believing he is “cursed.”

In the trailer, we see Woodcock meets a young waitress (Vicky Krieps) who he transforms into the woman of his dreams. But, of course, things take a turn:

Phantom Thread hits theaters December 25 of this year.

Merry Christmas to us. (Tear.)

We’re nearing the end of Day-Lewis’ on-screen career as we know it.

Are you prepared? 

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By Brigid Brown