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We can’t say we’ve been missing Miranda Hart because we’ve had regular doses of the actress in the hit TV show Call the Midwife as Chummy Noakes. And we spotted her on the big screen in Spy opposite Melissa McCarthy as an undercover CIA agent.

But, we can say, we are very, very excited at the notion she may be reviving her self-titled BBC sitcom, which kicked off in 2009 and ran until 2014, followed by two holiday specials.

Plans for Miranda to return aren’t yet set in stone, but that might be about to change. Hart recently appeared on BBC’s The One Show and reminded us of something her co-star had said in an interview last year: “The lovely Tom Ellis was saying… that he’d like to see Miranda and Gary married.”

Miranda portrays Miranda… obvi… and Ellis plays her love interest Gary. At first, Miranda’s affection for Gary was unrequited — or possibly unknown — but then it became mutual.

Ellis was chatting to RadioTimes when he revealed he was interested in revisiting this storyline and putting it on air for viewers. But he’s currently busy starring in the Fox series Lucifer… so it’s not like he’s chomping at the bit.

Though, apparently, his comment has gotten Hart contemplating it, too.

In her talk with The One Show, she went on to say, “Now he’s got me thinking! There’s a thought there, to explore the comedy of marriage. Particularly early life marriage and how that would work. I’d quite like to see that.”

Yes, yes, Miranda, we’d like to see that, too. Can you make it happen… please?

We did see something like this happen with the return of Absolutely Fabulous. At first there was a little pushback, then there was a chat, which turned into a thought, and from there, became a wager… and ta-dah… a movie. And, as you know, this went on for a few years. But, it did happen.

We do know, however, there likely won’t be a film adaptation of Miranda. Hart also told The One Show that Jimmy Perry, creator of the British sitcom, Dad’s Army, has warned her off the idea. And she agrees: “I felt like it was right to honor the television audiences and all of the people who’d supported it.”

Right now, the Miranda revival is sort of just a back and forth between actors in interviews and not necessarily a solid plan.

But, for now, it’s gives us hope!

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By Brigid Brown