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If you’ve been in need of a Brit-fix then Amazon Prime’s forthcoming addition, ITV show Fearless, should hit the spot. The six-part series, starring Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders) and Sir Michael Gambon (The Casual Vacancy), was the most watched drama series across ITV over the summer, reports

While the premiere date is yet to be confirmed, we’re still keen to know more about the show itself:

Fearless revolves around human rights attorney Emma Banville (McCrory), who is seeking to prove a young man (Sam Swainsbury) was wrongly convicted for murdering a schoolgirl 14 years prior.

That’s a very simple way to describe a very complicated situation, but the newly released trailer will help speed you up:

In the above footage we learn the man convicted, Kevin Russell (Sainsbury), confessed to the crime when he was just a kid. He explains why he took the blame, saying, “I was tired. And scared. Take a scared kid and mess up his head, you could put any words you want in his mouth.”

Banville has her work cut out for her, and the local law enforcement aren’t too happy about her re-opening a cold case. And for reasons that aren’t made clear in the trailer, the case is also attracting the attention of British intelligence agency, MI5. That’s where Gambon comes in, taking on the role of Sir Alastair McKinnon, former Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet under PM Tony Blair.

He seems to be very connected and invested… we’re intrigued to find out why.

Update: Originally, the U.S. premiere date was set for October 27, but there’s been a delay. We’ll let you know when the new date is confirmed.

We’re keen to see if it’s also a hit stateside. Is this going on your watch list?

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By Brigid Brown