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Welcome to the Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a huge glowing mass of fan-made creativity and Whovian news that bulged out of a week on the internet and social media.

And we begin this week with New York Comic-Con, a place of worship for fandoms of all shapes and colors. Peter Capaldi was there, representing Doctor Who for the final time as the current owner-occupier of the TARDIS, and to mark his appearance (in a very fetching David Bowie T-shirt), BBC America prepared this very special video to play, in which fans have one simple message for their Doctor. A heartfelt thank you:

Footage has also appeared of his entire solo panel, which you can see below (and there’s a full report on the Q&A here). Highlights include the strange way in which Peter found out Jodie Whittaker had got the part of the Doctor, and the place at which he gets his trousers:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Impressionist Jon Culshaw reads Russell T Davies‘ poem Friend Ship:

• The Fourth Doctor in a tangle:

• “Shada” is regenerating:

• Superb “Genesis of the Daleks” fan art:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show‘s Christel Dee interviewed:

• K9 is 40:

• The Doctor and the Master, an intergalactic, transtemporal bromance:

• Speaking of whom:

• Missy is poison:

David Tennant appears in Fireman Sam: Alien Alert – The Movie:

• Color backstage shots from the First Doctor era:

• A teaser trailer for the Third Doctor Ice Warrior adventure “The Curse of Peladon:”

• I wear a Dalek. Daleks are cool now:

• Attack eyebrows on point:

• A cinematic trailer for “Father’s Day:”

• Find out just how long Steven Moffat waited to put one of his ideas into action:

• The Second Doctor:

• And to end on a musical note, this remarkable clip hopes to answer the question we’ve all been asking. What if ’80s electropop poineers The Art of Noise had been asked to record a version of the Doctor Who theme in 1984:


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By Fraser McAlpine