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(Photos: Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s day, a colossal coming together of world-shaking Whovian creativity and inspiration from the last week in social media.

And this week, we begin, as we often do, with a fan-made video trailer for Doctor Who. This is a collection of clips, a whistlestop tour of some of the Doctor’s finest (and least fine) moments, made by Kelvin Does Things. But what marks this particular compilation out for special treatment is that he has deliberately turned everything up to 11, to make Doctor Who not just gripping, emotional and thrilling, but truly EPIC:

And he’s not the only one. THE WHOVIAN 1963 made this similarly cinematic trailer for “Dark Water” / “Death In Heaven” that is all booms and bangs and foreboding music:

Kinda makes you feel ALIVE, eh?

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Russell T Davies and James Goss join Doctor Who: The Fan Show to talk Gallifreyan poetry:

• Speaking of which, Pearl Mackie has news:

• A Doctor Who / Calvin and Hobbes crossover:

• It was K9’s 40th birthday! Anyone know how old that is in robot dog years?

• The Ninth Doctor and Rose:

• Jackie Tyler is back!

• A loving fan tribute to Ian and Barbara, the first human companions we saw traveling with the Doctor:

• The Thirteenth Doctor:

• Rick and Morty attacked by Daleks:

• This remarkable well-made title sequence for this year’s Christmas special:

• Rise of the Cyberwomen:

• Clara’s favorite costume revealed:

• A teaser trailer for the Third Doctor’s dust-up with his oldest foes, in “Day of the Daleks”

• Nearly enough Doctors to finally pilot the TARDIS properly:

• Includes footage of Matt Smith running on cornstarch:

• It’s no fez, but it has a certain something:

• Bow ties: still cool:

• To end this week on the same epic note as we began, how about a fan-made orchestral tribute to Peter Capaldi? Cast your gaze to the furthest horizon, climb aboard your mental TARDIS, strike a dramatic pose and have at it:


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By Fraser McAlpine