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Forget “Dame Judi.” A new rapper has emerged by the name of “Ju-to-the-D,” and she’s proper Dench.

Confused? You’re not the only one.

It’s all down to one Lethal Bizzle, an MC in the U.K. grime scene — by which we mean the energetic and uncompromising form of rap that emerged in east London circa 2002, rather than a general lack of cleanliness — who a few years ago coined the word “dench” to mean “nice” or “brilliant.” He even used it in his clothing line, “Stay Dench,” with hats and t-shirts emblazoned “DENCH,” until word got back to the original Dench.

“Grime” blends aspects of American hip hop with Jamaican dancehall, as well as earlier music trends such as U.K. garage and jungle. Bizzle is a well-known MC in the genre, as well as Dizzee Rascal, recent Drake collaborator Skepta, and Stormzy.

In 2012 Dame Judi Dench told Greg James on BBC Radio 1 that she was “thrilled” and felt “drunk with power” when he gave her a t-shirt and baseball cap of her own, and called Bizzle a “wonder.”

And, the year following, Graham Norton addressed the topic with Dame Judi on his chat show, which helped explain the word a bit more:

Lo and behold, a meeting was duly organized between the pair. During the summit Bizzle gave Judi her own cap, insisted she fistbump him, before laying down some lyrics — and thankfully the whole thing was caught on camera.

First Bizzle tries to teach the 82-year-old Philomena star some rap verses from his recent hit “Celebrate,” though they quickly get bogged down in the meaning of certain phrases, like “gang rolling” (which means, as Bizzle elucidates, “my friends are coming with me”) and “big, big batty” (er, “ample bottom”).

The pair then launch into a version of Bizzle’s 2004 debut single “Pow (Forward),” with lyrics specially adapted for someone of Dame Judi’s status: “Pow! Yeah, I’m Ju-to-the-D / Pow! If you don’t know about me / Pow! Better ask someone quickly.”

Needless to say, she nails it.

Judi’s latest film Victoria & Abdul opens in select theaters this September 22. When her first rap album is released, however, is anyone’s guess.

Are you impressed by Ju-to-the-D’s skills on the mic?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.