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The spy game isn’t just for the lads. We just saw Charlize Theron as a British agent in the recently released film Atomic Blonde. Prior to that, Angelina Jolie portrayed Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative accused of playing both sides, in Salt. And, now, Jennifer Lawrence — whose film Mother! comes out today — has just stepped onto the field, and she’s like no spy we’ve seen before.

Lawrence takes on the character of Dominika Egorova in the action-thriller Red Sparrow, based on former member of the CIA Jason Matthews‘ 2013 novel. She’s spent most of her life training to be a prima ballerina, growing up in Moscow, Russia. But, after suffering a career-ending injury, she’s forced to switch gears. And, what does one do? Join the Sparrow School, “a secret intelligence service that trains exceptional young people to use their bodies and minds as weapons,” according to

She survives the training process and comes out on the other end as the one with the control:

In the above trailer we see that Egorova is trained to manipulate, using her sexuality. We also saw both Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys engage in sexual acts while under cover, working as Russian Spies in the Cold War TV series The Americans. Using one’s body as a sexual weapon isn’t always depicted in spy dramatizations, but the power of seduction clearly can be disarming.

Red Sparrow, premiering on March 2, 2018, also stars Joel EdgertonMary-Louise Parker, Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons.

Do you think all is fair in love and war? 

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By Brigid Brown