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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a bigger-on-the-inside bucket of delightful Whovian stuff and nonsense from a week on the internet.

And we begin this week with the end of an era. The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff has opened its doors for the last time. Here’s a brief tribute to a place of genuine pilgrimage for Whovians worldwide:

And here’s Christel Dee and Luke Spillane from Doctor Who: The Fan Show enjoying the last day from the inside:

We are inside the Doctor Who Experience on its last day talking to some of the guests!

Posted by Doctor Who on Saturday, September 9, 2017

We take you on a final tour of the Doctor Who Experience exhibition. What do you want to see?

Posted by Doctor Who on Saturday, September 9, 2017

And Peter Capaldi even sent a special message to fans:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Intense stares from Twelve:

• And a friendlier Ten:

• A solution to your home storage needs, make more room inside:

• A rocking version of the Who theme, with added ukulele:

• Remember when David Morrissey was “The Next Doctor”?:

• A tribute to the Seventh Doctor:

• An alternate history of Doctor Who:

• Anyone going to London soon?

• Doctor Who: The Fan Show visits Big Finish to interview Jake Tapper, the voice of the Tenth Doctor:

• The entirety of Peter Capaldi’s appearance at San Francisco Comic Con has appeared online, and it’s grand. Keep an eye out for the section in which a member of the audience asks what it is like to be thought of as a “silver fox”

• The Doctor’s favorite things:

• Amazing costume idea for the Thirteenth Doctor from artist James J Dunn:

• He has also drawn the other Doctors in similar style:

• And some of their worst foes:

• And finally, should you ever be in need of a basic summary of the basic principles of Doctor Who, to send to a friend who maybe isn’t quite up to speed but keen, here’s a video from Babelcolour (the YouTube account of digital artist and colourist Stuart Humphryes) that should help out tremendously:

Oh, and by the way, should you wish to learn a little bit of what will happen in this year’s Christmas Special, from the mouth of Steven Moffat, watch this roundup of Babelcolour’s 11 years on YouTube:


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By Fraser McAlpine