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We all know Benedict Cumberbatch pretty well by this point, being a “regular” at Anglophenia. But, where did this magnificent man come from?

He shared a glimpse into his family when performing at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, England, which ran from August 3-6. He was on-site to participate in a Letters Live reading, an event consisting of well-known entertainers reading letters written by high-profile public figures from the past.

But this time around, the live letter reading was actually a surprise, the Wilderness attendees had no idea to expect the performance, reports BBC News. First, Cumberbatch acted out a letter from Queen drummer Roger Taylor, which the rocker had written in 1970 to Rolling Stone magazine, to, basically, well, tell them off.

Cumberbatch then took a “commercial break” from Letters Live, receving a thank-you note from his mother, delivered to him while on stage:

Here’s “the valley” to which she refers:

To backtrack, Cumberbatch’s mother, Wanda Bentham, is thanking her son for the birthday video he had sent earlier in the weekend from the festival. He had wooed the Wilderness audience into singing happy birthday for her.

The video itself has not been made public, but Cumberbatch chatted with BBC Radio 2, saying, “They sang a rousing videoed message to my mum so I think I got some points there!”

His dad followed up with an email, which Cumberbatch paraphrased: “I think the words in the email from dad were something like, she was suitably overwhelmed and questions why it’s possible that I continually make her cry.”

Alright, so, do you think Benedict Cumberbatch was dancing his bum off in the The Valley? 

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By Brigid Brown