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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day Roundup, a mile-long spaceship gathering nuggets and gems from the outskirts of a spiraling black hole filled with glorious Whovian fan creativity over the last week in social media.

And we begin this week with a great state-of-the-TARDIS interview Steven Moffat has given to Doctor Who Magazine, in which he discusses a few basic principles for a Doctor Who story, with particular emphasis on why it was important to show Bill having survived a direct hit to the chest, and the conversion to Cyberkind, in “The Doctor Falls.”

He explained that, as far as he is concerned, the companions shouldn’t die: “It’s wrong! I’m not even that crazy about it when they did it with Adric [in the Fifth Doctor adventure “Earthshock”]. I don’t think that’s the story. I’m sorry, it’s a children’s program.

“And explicitly, the companions are like Doctor Who’s children. Or his grandchildren. They’re in his care, and lovely old Doctor Who is opening the TARDIS doors and saying, ‘I will always look after you.’ Get it right – that’s the story.

“It’s not the mean-spirited kind of story where you’ve proved the ‘grittiness’ of real life. It’s not real life – it’s Doctor Who.”

Mark Gatiss is also interviewed, discussing a lost Indiana Jones-style Tenth Doctor story:

Speaking of Indy, did you know elements of “The Pandorica Opens” were based on Raiders of the Lost Ark? Find out more here:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show explores the long LGBTQ history of the show with its first director, Waris Hussein:

Doctor Who meets Trainspotting:

And (the already quite Who-ish) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

And La La Land:

Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume 2 is here:

Last week we had the San Diego Comic-Con panel starring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and friends, and here’s this week’s equivalent. Montreal Comic-Con had a similar panel with David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Alex Kingston. Here’s a fan film of the whole thing:

InnerSpace talks to Peter, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss:

• The best of Bill:

• Which monster are you?

• The Thirteenth Doctor (OK, Jodie Whittaker in real life) meets her first Dalek, on the red carpet:

• While her Lego forebears get the TARDIS shipshape:

• A new Doctor Who writing challenge:

• “Clara’s Theme” on the ukulele (part 1):

• “Clara’s Theme” on the ukulele (part 2):

• Hair apparent:

• This is stunning:

• A dab more Missy here:

• Very sensible:

• A teaser trailer for the Third Doctor adventure “The Mind of Evil”

• Invasion of the attic Daleks:

• Let’s kilt the Doctor:

• Fans are already putting together trailers for this year’s Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time:”

• Including this credits sequence — the Twelfth Doctor’s credits in the style of the First:

• Sonic handover:

• The Doctors assemble:


A five-minute summary of the highs and lows of Doctor Who:

• There’s a TARDIS in the garden:

• A useful instruction from Doctor Thirteen:

• And finally, we often like to go out on a song, or radical interpretation of the Doctor Who theme by amateur musicians. Well, assuming you own a harmonica, how would you like to join in? Here’s how to play the Who theme on a mouth organ:


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By Fraser McAlpine