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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cosmic filtration system to find hidden Whovian gems from a week’s worth of social media and internet hubbub.

And we begin this week with news from Wizard World Chicago, where Catherine Tate, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman appeared at a joint Q&A panel discussing what it’s like being a companion of the Doctor’s. Revelations came thick and fast, including the fact that the Doctor Who cast had their own team in a Swansea pub quiz:

And that Jenna has stolen a piece of the TARDIS:

But probably best of all is Catherine’s story of what it is like to have to run away from an alien menace convincingly when your co-star (David Tennant) is fitter than you are:

Something she also mentioned in The Graham Norton Show, recently:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Russell T Davies has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award:

• And while we’re in Edinburgh, the Seventh Doctor celebrates 70 years of the festival:

• The Doctor’s regeneration dilemma:

• A gorgeous Whovian wedding:

• The Wedding (invitation) of River Song:

Some River Song lettering by @owlpostlettering. #DoctorWho

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• You can take the boy out of Doctor Who

• Actually you can take quite a lot of people out of Doctor Who, it seems:

• Fancy coming back to New Earth?

• Or riding with the Fifth Doctor and his friends?

• Beautiful “Oxygen” fan art:

• Even when he’s hot, the Tenth Doctor is cool:

• The Doctor takes his place in history:

• Missing Missy?

• National Bow Tie Day, eh? Cool:

• The First Doctor has banged his head:

• This is a cartoon you’d watch the heck out of, right?

• They’ve got the skills to draw the Bills:

Bill Potts as drawn by @okwaribear #DoctorWho

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• No no no no no no no no no:

• The missing link between Harry Potter and Mantovani:

• And as a grand finale, here’s a look at the sterling work done by fans in imagining what the title sequence for Season 11 might look like. Clearly some factors will probably have to remain — the theme tune, the TARDIS biffing around on screen — but as we have a new Doctor on the way, it’s a chance to rip up the rule book and start afresh, like in this exceptional version made by Waveform Digital, in which the Doctor’s new companion is an old friend of the show, and the title of her first adventure echoes “The Eleventh Hour:”

• While Shaggy Rogers has combined elements of both the recent title sequences — time vortex and clockface — and suggested that comic actor Tom Rosenthal might be a good new companion:

• And Robert Mike Slave has a totally left-field suggestion for a new companion, and has fused all the Doctors together in one long regeneration:


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By Fraser McAlpine