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We don’t typically do this, share a call to action, but, hey, if we can help Emma Watson out, we’re going to do it. Emma turned to Facebook earlier this week to reach out to her fandom, and people who were possibly at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in London on Sunday this past weekend, because she accidentally left behind jewelry.

Not just any ol’ jewelry. One of the rings was gifted to her by her mother, who purchased the ring when Emma was born, wore it around her neck for 18 years, and gave it to her daughter on her 18th birthday.

Emma had been to the spa, put her jewelry in a safe, inside a locker, but when she called about it, the safe was empty. The actress details the heartbreaking account in her FB plea:

Emma’s fans have been trying to help her out, sharing the FB post over 4,000 times, as of now, and comforting her with 2,200 comments and counting. The turn of events has gone international, even making it to New York’s FOX morning program this AM with Good Day New York anchor Rosanna Scotto giving the story a shout-out.

Fans have their theories about what happened, even suggesting to look at security cameras, but the hotel most likely can’t question people coming and going into the spa, suggesting… someone, well, accidentally “pocketed” the jewelry.

But, on a nicer note, some comments reveal success stories of an item gone missing and finding it, even months later by happenstance:

Some are taking the call for help as a call to arms:

And others can’t help themselves, making an obvious joke:

Possibly the kind notes of encouragement in the comments section will keep Emma’s hopes high.

Fingers crossed the lost rings do turn up, and we shall help with the search by sharing this story.

If all fails, maybe Emma can turn to her Harry Potter co-star and friend Daniel Radcliffe and his newly developed street-level superhero-like ways.

Have you ever lost something and it’s come back to you via the aid of social media? 

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By Brigid Brown