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BBC America closed out another epic San Diego Comic-Con in Hall H with the cast of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Doctor Who.

If you weren’t able to make the panels, here are some highlights:

But we really think the best part of the panels are the little things you may have missed if you weren’t in the room. So here are just a few of those things from both panels that made them so memorable.

At 1 p.m. PT, fans descended for Dirk Gently’s first Hall H panel! And babies’ first Hall H panel was something special because it was hosted by a Comic-Con legend, Kevin Smith. Kevin kicked off the panel with a wonderful anecdote about making a complete fool of himself to Steven Moffat. But more important was the fact that he quoted Ratatouille within minutes, saying that he actually changed his plans to leave Comic-Con a day earlier when he was asked by BBC America to moderate the panel because “It’s important to support the new.” Those culinary rats are so wise.

When introducing the cast, one couldn’t help but notice Elijah Wood’s Kurt Cobain shirt and Max Landis’ brown hair! It appears all the color from his once-iconic hair bled to his shirt!





If he’s not wearing rainbow pants the next time we see him…

Anyway, the cast member with the best intro was new to Season 2 “When one d- -k’s not enough, you need Alan Tudyk.” Maybe we have a dirty sense of humor, but we laughed mightily.

That’s not where Kevin’s euphemisms ended, but we’ll leave those in the room.

Then came the questions. Kevin Smith touted Max’s pitching abilities having witnessed it before, saying he could convince him to kill his own mother! Kevin asked Max Landis how he pitched the show originally and Max revealed that instead of a usual pitch process, he wrote the first script and a 68 page show bible in Dirk’s voice. “They had the bible — they didn’t need the preacher.” When asked by Kevin why he would do such a thing before the show was OK’d he got paid, he reminded everyone of THIS. Touché

Season 2 is actually a full season moment for Max as he recounted pitching the season’s ideas to the rest of the cast on the way back from Comic-Con last year.

Tidbit: There’s a character named Sherlock.

As we learned in all the Season 2 spoilers the cast let out:

The biggest revelations, though? Max Landis said he’s 1. a bad actor 2. a mediocre kisser, and 3. can’t get anyone to listen to him unless they’re dating him or being paid.

Speaking of reasons not to date someone… Fiona Dourif (aka Bart) revealed that she gets recognized on dating sites in Vancouver. Note: don’t attempt Bart puns to her — she’ll swipe left. She’d probably swipe left on Kevin Smith too, who ribbed her about Bart’s “Jersey” accent. In true Bart fashion, she came right back at him: “Nobody’s asking you.”

Kevin Smith is from Jersey? Mpho Koaho (Ken) tells Kevin he thought he was Canadian. Kevin said he’s “from the Canadian part of New Jersey.” Well that’s sorted.

Did we mention Kevin asked if he could direct an episode? Max obliged, but only if he got a Season 3 greenlit. Stay tuned on that one…

The Dirk Gently panel had a few blink-and-you-missed-them references: 1. At one point, Max used the words “Secure. Contain. Protect.” Even we had to look this one up, and it brought us down a rabbit hole HERE.

2. Kevin Smith made a Lord of the Rings reference to Elijah Wood. Bold.

3. But perhaps the greatest Easter Egg of the whole panel was a back and forth between newcomers Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine about Mike Meyers, Scream, and Austin Powers. It sounded so familiar. Where had we just heard that? Ah yes, Baby Driver. They were riffing on Baby Driver.

After all that, a sneak peek at the new season, and a hug between Kevin and Elijah, fans stayed in Hall H for Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s final Doctor Who panel.

First of all, It was EMOTIONAL. One BBC America employee in the audience (who also may be writing this) saw the clips in advance AND STILL CRIED… multiple times. And apparently we weren’t the only one:

But before we get to that, before the panel even started, fans started clapping like they were at a sporting event. And it was. Hall H was the stadium and we were hanging up Peter and Steven’s jerseys.

The biggest surprise of the panel came when the Christmas Special first look revealed that Mark Gatiss would be in it… and so will Pearl!

There were so many tear-jerking moments in the panel, that there were only a few moments that, well, you just had to be there for.

The cast just looked so gutted after watching this:

Peter and Steven especially. Steven was using his water bottle cap as a fidget spinner and we can only assume it was to hold back some tears. We can’t be sure because we had just cut some onions, and we, too, were weepy.

And then this happened:

And this!

We were puddles.

The saving grace was a man behind all the fan questioners stroking his beard. Still unclear what his evil plot was. Though the real hero was the other guy in the shot who started stroking his non-existent facial hair in response.

Per usual, the best little moments came from Michelle Gomez:

1. She joked that she did in fact have a beard when acting opposite John Simm.

2. She crushed our little hearts when she told us that the intense moment where we see a Cyberman (we know later to be Bill) holding the Doctor in her arms, she, Matt Lucas, and John Simm were all in hole waiting, eating biscuits. “All about the biscuits, really”

And Missy was still hungry…

3. An adorable little girl came up to the mic to ask a question and Michelle was so taken by her cuteness, she said “Stop it. I’m going to eat you.”

What was your favorite moment from the panels?

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By Monica A. Reyhani