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Gary Oldman spent 200 hours in the makeup chair transforming into British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and now we get to see footage of him on the eve of WWII in the Darkest Hour.

When we meet Oldman as Churchill, he’s only been in office a few days, yet he’s tasked with a history-making decision: should GB negotiate a peace treaty with Nazi Germany… or, fight?

Director Joe Wright‘s film, Darkest Hour, explores what Churchill went through during this fateful night. In the trailer, we hear someone off-screen say about the PM, “He stands for one thing. And one thing only. Himself.”

But whatever route he’d choose would not only impact him, but a nation, and ultimately, the world.

Whether or not Churchill was the first choice for PM, he was now in charge, and it was up to him to take action. When advised to work things out with Germany, he explodes, declaring, “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.” He also yells back at a gentleman in the room, “Will you stop interrupting me, when I’m interrupting you!” While in a very serious and dangerous situation, he was still able to hold onto some humor.

The trailer itself is quite explosive, and we can’t wait for the feature to release on November 22:

You can also look for Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient) as his wife and confidant. Lily James (Downton Abbey) takes on the role of Elizabeth Nel, personal secretary to Churchill.

Was it just us, or did you also forget that’s actually Gary Oldman?!

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By Brigid Brown