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If you’re loving BB-8, the adorably bauble-like bot from Stars Wars: The Force Awakens, and find yourself wanting more of the android… today is your day.

It might sound odd for BB-8 to get top billing, but, well, the new Disney series is called BB-8 Bandits.

So, yep, BB-8 is front and center in the new short.

But, it’s not just the “BB-8 Show.” The round robot is joined by Daisy Ridley, who provides the voice for Rey in the animated short. You can also listen for other familiar voices, like Felicity Jones as Jyn, Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata, Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano and Tiya Sircar as Sabine.

One of the best bits about this project is that it’s available online. Disney has already posted one episode, called “Sands of Jakku,” which you can find over at Disney’s YouTube channel.

And, just today (July 5), a new episode revolving around a bunch of bandits trying to kidnap BB-8 has been put up.

What did BB-8 ever do to them? Check out the entire episode below to find out:

The short film is a little less than three minutes. And, per usual, we’re left wanting more. Which is OK, because there’s eight more shorts scheduled to premiere in 2017 on the Disney Channel (the actual TV channel, not its YouTube channel, to be clear.)

If you want find out which non-human Star Wars character you are, you can take this Anglo quiz.

Did it feel like you were watching a proper Star Wars film with actual people (and actual droids)? It did to us!

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By Brigid Brown