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This may be before your time, or right around your time, but either way, the ’90s hit Roseanne is making a comeback — heading to ABC in 2018 with eight episodes.

And, Leonard, we mean Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) is possibly returning to reprise his role as the slightly pushover-able boyfriend, David, to Roseanne Conner’s (Roseanne Barr) daughter Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert during the original series, according to TVLine.

It’s not 100 percent confirmed, but according to TVLine, the storyline for the upcoming family sitcom includes David and Darlene’s children. And, this recent tweet from TVLine writer Michael Ausiello, piques our curiosity:

This won’t be the first time Galecki and Gilbert starred opposite each other on-screen since their early work, having a short-lived romance on Big Bang Theory, with Gilbert starring as his colleague, Leslie Winkle.

But, seeing the entire Roseanne cast reunite will be a longtime coming. We expect to see comedic actress Roseanne Barr (obviously), and it’s been confirmed by Deadline, returning original cast members include John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Lane), who played Roseanne’s husband, Dan, and Laurie Metcalf as her sister, Jackie, who coincidentally currently portrays Sheldon’s mother on BBT.

And, there’s set to be a fun spin on Roseanne’s eldest daughter Becky, bringing back both actresses who kind of “shared” the role, with Alicia Goranson as the original Becky, and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), who stepped in to take on the role in the later seasons.

Alas, we’re not getting two Beckys… Chalke will be taking on another role, yet to be disclosed. Still fun, though.

Oh, and D.J.! We can’t forget D.J., Roseanne’s youngest son. Yes, Michael Fishman, will be back, too.

Series regular Sandra Bernhard was on Watch What Happens Live earlier this month and host Andy Cohen asked her about the reboot. Bernhard says she’d be up for retuning as Roseanne’s sassy gal pal Nancy Bartlett.

Roseanne ended in 1997, with some head-scratching cliffhangers that might be hard to address in a series 20 years later. While it might be a quick fix, The Hollywood Reporter helps tie up some of those loose ends with this article: Roseanne: The Four Biggest Burning Questions for ABC’s Revival.

It has been quite a while… maybe we can leave the finale in the past and start afresh-ish?

The eight-part Roseanne pick-up is scheduled for a 2018 release if everything falls into place.

Do you have room on your watch-list for more Roseanne? … at least, the episodes with Johnny!? 

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By Brigid Brown