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Before you say anything, we know, we know: British TV shows getting the American treatment don’t always go over so well. But, sometimes they do… and you may not have even known when watching.

There’s a new version of Misfits in the works, and it’s already started filming in Vancouver, Canada. The series is set to air on the Freeform Channel (formerly ABC Family), reports Empire magazine. The premise follows the original: a group of young offenders are given community service as punishment and when on cleaning duty they are all hit with some crazy, electrical surge, resulting in superhuman abilities.

Over the weekend it was announced Dave Foley, who you may know from the comedy troupe Kids in the Hall or the popular series NewsRadio, has signed on to portray a disheveled driver in the suped-up series. That’s not much of a description, but, for some reason, we can picture it.

Maybe it’s because we’re remembering Foley from earlier roles:


Just imagine a bus rolling up to the curb and this guy invites you on for a ride. The description doesn’t necessarily say bus driver, but that’s where we naturally went with it. Probably because the group will need to travel together in some cases and that will call for a large enough vehicle to accommodate everyone. We digress…

In addition to Foley, who we’ve seen more recently in The Middle and Hot in ClevelandCharlie Saxton (Trollhunters) has been cast in a lead role as Simon. Empire describes his character as “intelligent, odd, and a lad who has trouble making friends.” He’s being compared to the original character, Simon, portrayed by Iwan Rheon, who we’ve been seeing on Game of Thrones of recent as the trigger-happy torturer Ramsay Bolton (insert shiver down spine).

The rest of the lead cast will be rounded out with Ashleigh Lathrop (Sirens) as Alicia, Tre Hall (Rebel) as Curtis, Jake Cannavale (Nurse Jackie) as Nathan and Allie MacDonald (Orphan Black) as Kelly, according to Deadline. For those of you who are well-versed in Misfits, yep, you’re right, the characters’ names are the same, with actors Antonia Thomas (Lovesick), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Prey) and Robert Sheehan (Bad Samaritan opposite David Tennant) playing the original roles, respectively.

It’s being reported that the series is “inspired by” the original, and there is a new screenwriter, with Diane Ruggiero-Wright (iZombie, Veronica Mars) adapting and showrunning.

The original Misfits hit U.K. airwaves in 2009 and ran through 2013, with five seasons total. We slowly but surely learned what each person’s ability was as the series rolled out, with the anticipation being a big chunk of the fun of it. It’s currently available on Hulu for streaming.

The new Misfits doesn’t have a premiere date just yet, but we’ll let you know.

The original was so fun and exhilarating, should we give a second go a chance?!

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By Brigid Brown