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For those of you living with a Planet Earth II-sized hole in your life, we’ve got some exciting news! Canyonlands, high country and sprawling shores take center-stage in BBC America’s upcoming documentary series, Wild West.

Explore this fascinating area of North America in the three-part natural history program premiering Saturday, August 19 at 9/8c.

Welcome to America’s Wild West. A picturesque land with a litany of characters including the shrewd coyote, the feisty hummingbird, the mighty blue whale and the spirited mustang. The Wild West documentary explores this fascinating area of the continent, revealing how three radically different worlds were formed, the forces that shape them today, and how life has found brave and enterprising ways to survive. Discover the gritty, tough deserts, the cool grand mountains, and the dynamic and changeable coasts.

Home to a vibrant cast of tricksters, pioneers and outlaws, the series also finds out how people have survived in this harsh environment over the years. Beginning with the examination of Native American cave art, Wild West moves through the ghost towns of past pioneers and on to today – where the land is used for both business and pleasure. Produced by BBC Studios, Executive Produced by Emmy® -winner, Michael Gunton (Planet Earth II, Life), with Patrick Morris (Galapagos, Wild Africa) serving as Series Producer, Wild West will shine a light on the landscapes, wildlife and people of this vibrant world in new and compelling ways.

BBC America’s landmark natural history programming was recently recognized by the Television Academy with a record-setting ten Emmy® nominations for Planet Earth II. Catch an encore of the beloved series with an extended look at Planet Earth II on August 19th beginning at 1/2c, plus an extended look at the original Planet Earth on August 26th at 10:30a/11:30c, and Wild Alaska on September 2nd at 6/7c.

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