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Last year, BBC America’s Graham Norton prodded Tom Cruise about whether or not a Top Gun sequel was in the works. And, last-last week (May 23), Cruise confirmed that it is indeed happening, simply saying, “It’s true,” when the Australian TV show Sunrise followed up with the actor.

And, this past weekend, while promoting The Mummy in London, England, Cruise filled in the blanks about what to expect, rattling off a list of things to look for, saying, “We’re going to have the same tone that we had from the first one, really. Stylistically it’s going to be the same. We’re going to have the same score from Harold Faltermeyer.”

While he continued on with the theme of what will return from the original, like, “aviators,” “competition” and “the need for speed,” he did give us one tidbit that is new, which is the title of the film.

He wasn’t keen on just plopping a number two on the end of Top Gun. He wanted to go the more creative route, with a new title, which you can check out below (0:45):

Eh, when you’re the star… you have some say on those things, apparently. (That is, until, Paramount Pictures steps in and all of this crumbles away.)

Cruise didn’t give up any details on casting, telling the reporter in the above clip, “You just gotta see it.” But, well, we have some ideas…

Oh, and now we feel bad, coverage of The Mummy — which features a mummified queen-to-be (she didn’t quite make it to the throne), who comes back to life —  is kind of getting pushed to the side in these promo interviews, with Top Gun sequel excitement taking center stage.

If you’re wondering, the action flick, also starring Russell Crowe, hits theaters this Friday, June 9.

Here’s a look at the trailer:

Do you think the title gets the job done? If no, do you have any suggestions? 

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By Brigid Brown