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Originally, there was talk of Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) making an Alien 5 movie, but it sounds like that idea has been shelved… possibly even canceled all together, according to Alien director Ridley Scott.

Sigourney Weaver, who starred in the 1979 original film, Alien and subsequent follow-ups, even said around the time of the announcement, “Ridley (Scott) asked Neill not to make our Alien ’til after Prometheus 2.”

But with Scott’s film out (Prometheus 2, officially named Alien: Covenant, hit theaters back on May 17), Blomkamp and Weaver can now in good conscience go ahead with what they’ve been working on. Last year the script was already complete, and in lieu of a feature-length film, a 20-minute short film, Rakka, was just released yesterday (June 15).

And guess what. It stars Weaver and pretty nasty aliens, but of course it’s not an official Alien film. While this may not be what the director and star had in mind a year or so ago, it’s definitely an intense 20 minutes of alien combat and a struggle for human survival.

Here’s the official description that came with the film:

RAKKA is the story of broken humanity following the invasion of a technologically superior alien species. Bleak harrowing and unrelenting, the humans we meet must find enough courage to go on fighting.

Whatever the backstory, we’re intrigued. Luckily, it’s out and available online over at YouTube. Please note, before binging on this over your lunch break, it may be NSFW. The visuals can be a bit gruesome and there’s some strong language.

Here’s a screenshot of our first glimpse of Weaver at 8:20, negotiating a weapons purchase:

(Photo: YouTube)
(Photo: YouTube)

According to Nerd Approved this is the first edition of Volume 1 and there are more short films to come.

Also joining Weaver, is Dakota Fanning (Effie Gray), Brandon Auret (Planet of the Sharks) and newcomer Jay Anstey (Catch a Fire).

Do you think this was Neill Blomkamp’s roundabout way to get an alien film out without releasing an Alien film? 

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By Brigid Brown