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James Corden and Dominic Cooper in 2011. (Photo: Getty Images)

James Corden has welcomed a lot of A-listers on The Late Late Show, but if there’s one guest he can count on for banter and laughs, it’s Dominic Cooper.

The Preacher star joined James last night (June 22), and to say the pair looked relaxed with each other would be an understatement. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course: after all, their friendship dates all the way back to 2004, when they first performed together in Alan Bennett‘s The History Boys.

The boys not only shared a stage, but also a fancy apartment in London, until James moved out and got married.

Dominic first let slip about this earlier arrangement last year when he appeared on The Late Late Show to promote the first season of Preacher. Back then, it sounded like a sorry state of affairs:

“We only had one piece of cutlery, which was a spatula,” Dominic said. “And I remember a really depressing evening where he caught me — he came home and I was just eating baked beans with the spatula.”

Ergh. That does sound grim.

Now Dominic’s back, this time ostensibly to talk about season two of the DC Comics TV show, which sees him reprise his role of Jesse Custer, a small town preacher with a criminal past and a newly discovered superpower.

But James and Dominic go straight off-subject. First off there’s a dispute about Dominic’s rider and his demand of “caviar,” “rosé Dom Perigean,” and “a chocolate Lindt Easter bunny,” and then the boys start bickering over the contents of their refrigerator back when they were roommates.

And just like poor Kristen Chenoweth last year, fellow Brit and star of Transformers: The Last Knight Laura Haddock barely gets a word in sideways:

Preacher season two starts this Sunday (June 25) on AMC, and we’re sure the boys were going to get onto that at any moment.

Can you imagine rooming with James and Dominic?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.