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Rachel Bloom, the co-creator and star of the breakout hit, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, has already won a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award for Best Actress, both in 2016. But it seems she’s not a fan of the hoopla that goes into gearing up for awards season.

That’s easy for her to say having already won two major awards. But, rather than saying it, she goes into song in the below clip. It’s classic Rebecca Bunch, her character in the musical comedy TV series about a woman who runs away from her less than satisfying life in NYC.

Bloom sits down with her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the screenplay for Devil Wears Prada, and their publicist, Kimmy Banks, to go over the “campaigning” duties expected of the actress with the Emmys coming up.

She is not keen on the idea, belting out her contempt in the below “vahdio,” which she considers an “artistic manifestation” and not for anyone’s amusement. Well, we find it humorous and hope you do too:

And, we would like to highlight, it sounds like Bloom may in fact be a full-fledged Anglophile, with her nod to Notting Hill in the above (two nods to be exact, with the second during her acceptance speech for the Award for Not Caring About Award Shows at 2:50). We even picked up on a little bit of a British accent at 1:53, but that might just be her classical training coming through.

She’s one of us!

Rachel, your Anglophenia handbook is in the mail.

She may be campaigning in the guise of not campaigning, but either way, it works for us.

If you’re not across Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just yet, we included it on our 10 Under the Radar Comedies Set to Explode list earlier this year. Possibly this will give you the little nudge you need to give “the show that could” a chance.

Sooooo, do you think Rachel Bloom will now be considered for an Emmy Award? 

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By Brigid Brown