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(Photo: Piccadilly Theatre)

No, Miranda Hart (Call the Midwife) will not be donning a curly, red wig and white cotton socks with shiny, black patent Mary Janes… but wouldn’t that just be delightful?

But she has landed herself a more age-appropriate part, stepping on stage for a production of Annie: The Musical in the role of Miss Hannigan, reports BBC News. Going from England’s sweetheart to the “child-hating” head of the orphanage might be difficult for viewers to imagine. Perhaps this peek of her in costume in the below promo clip will help:

No? She may have the outfit, hair and makeup but this clip still oozes classic Miranda. Still, she’s a huge talent and we don’t doubt that she owns the role. That doesn’t stop her from worrying about how she’ll be received, however. “I don’t read reviews,” she said in a interview with the BBC. “It’s quite a vulnerable place when you’re the face on the poster, I think, are people wanting to knock me down?”

Excuse us while we adjust our expression to “aghast.” No, Miranda. Just plain, flat-out no. Well, we can’t speak for everyone, but you are definitely a favorite within the Anglophenia community.

Are you scratching your head, thinking, “What poster is she talking about?” Just this tiny thing gracing London’s Piccadilly Theatre:

The actress goes on to talk about the role itself, saying, “Despite being grotesque and a drunk and vile, she’s also vulnerable and very funny, so it was hard not to bring some of my humor to it.”

Ah, that’s the Miranda we know.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Annie, it’s based on Harold Gray‘s comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, launched in 1924. Readers followed an orphaned girl who goes on a search for her biological parents in Depression-era New York City.

Here’s a look at the trailer for the 1982 film (an adaptation of the original 1977 Broadway production) featuring Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan in the below:

Miranda made her West End debut just yesterday (June 5) at the Piccadilly Theatre. The play will run until September 17.

While she may not read the reviews, here’s a roundup of some of the media’s feedback courtesy of DigitalSpy… and they’re mostly positive. We’ve yet to see any footage of her singing, but we will keep you updated.

Do you have any plans to go see this? Please report back if you do! 

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By Brigid Brown