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(Pics: Tumblr/Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, an intertemporal, intergalactic gumbo of excitable reactions and astonishing Whovian creativity from the past week on social media and the internet.

And this week we begin with “The Eaters of Light,” in which the Doctor, Bill and Nardole battle glowing beasts from another dimension. Here to introduce it is Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie:

• And Steven Moffat:

• Here’s a closer look:

• The shoot was not quite as warm as the one for, say, “Smile”

• Pearl enjoyed Bill talking about her sexuality:

• And there was a certain amount of virtual reality to overcome:

• The fan art reactions have been exceptional:

• As much for events in the teaser trailer as the adventure itself:

• There’s a fact file:

• Rebecca Benson (Kar) talks to Doctor Who: The Fan Show:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Master is back! Again!

• You’ve got mail:

• The Doctor hits his stride:

• It’s been a good week for the Doctor Who theme. First it appeared on BBC One in beatbox form:

• …and then it appeared on YouTube, played on a Otamatone:

• …and there was a commemorative blue plaque put up to honor Delia Darbyshire, who recorded the original:

• Skype attack:

• Manga Eleven:

• And to round off this week, here’s a look at Saturday’s episode, “World Enough and Time,” starting with an amazing “Day of the Doctor”-style graphic:


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By Fraser McAlpine