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While the recently released sci-fi film, The Circle, starring Emma Watson, Karen Gillan, and Tom Hanks, has a serious tone, revolving around public safety in the tech age, the cast had a lot of fun on the red carpet.

Anglophenia’s Sharon Carpenter swung by the Tribeca Film Festival to catch up with the stars as they made their way into the premiere. Of course, surveillance versus the right to privacy came up, with Watson talking about the timeliness of the subject, saying, “It poses all of these questions that you want to figure out answers to. It’s super topical right now.”

And, in other breaking news, we find out about Hanks’ morning beauty routine (hint: it involves ice) when chatting with actor Amir Talai, who plays Matt, also in the below clip (2:28):

It wouldn’t feel quite right to leave the carpet without asking Doctor Who alum Gillan, who played companion Amy Pond, about her time travel inclinations. Would she go past or future, we asked. After all, she IS the expert, having been a passenger in the TARDIS, and we appreciate her opinion.

Her answer is well thought out … and may surprise you:

If you haven’t seen The Circle just yet, it’s currently playing in theaters across the U.S.

Was it just us? Did you notice Karen Gillan’s accent going a little bit American? 

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By Brigid Brown