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Edward Norton‘s (Isle of Dogs) film producer wife, Shauna Robertson, suggests Doctor Who as a theme, in the below interview with Anglophenia’s Sharon Carpenter at the annual Met Gala.

We second that nomination!

DW as a fashion choice would leave plenty of room for interpretation, and the Doctor being known universally, well, the concept needs no explaining… unlike this year’s, which honored designer Rei Kawakubo, specifically, “the art of the in between,” leaving some unsure of the meaning.

You can check out the other ideas that came up in the clip below when chatting with guests of the Met, including, but not limited to fashion designer Zac Posen, actor Michael B. Jordan (Creed) and singer Josh Groban:

It wouldn’t be an Anglophenia red carpet interview if we didn’t ask the stars we were rubbing elbows with — you know, like Madonna — about when and where they’d like to travel, past or future. And, not to spoil anything, one specific era came up a few times:

Who — or what — would you dress up as at a DW-themed fashion event?? So many choices!! 

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By Brigid Brown