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Daniel Radcliffe is swapping his magic wand for a pair of angel wings for the latest in a slew of new roles for the ex-boy wizard.

Just days after the news that he’d be in a fighting mood for new film Guns Akimbo, and on the same day news reaches us from Cannes that he’s been cast in real-life prison drama Escape from Pretoria, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Daniel will also star in a new “heaven-based workplace comedy” called Miracle Workers.

He’ll play “Craig,” an angel it’s fair to say isn’t mentioned much in the Bible, who’s responsible for the admin of all of humanity’s prayers, and dealing with a less-than-attentive boss, a.k.a. God. The supreme being has pretty much checked out to focus on his favorite hobbies, leaving Craig to prevent Earth’s destruction all on his own. And which actor has got “slacker deity” down to a tee? Owen Wilson, that’s who.

That sounds like a pretty great comedy pairing to us, and TBS exec Brett Weitz agrees: “Owen Wilson has long been a comic genius, and Daniel’s performance in last year’s Swiss Army Man really proved that there’s a sophisticated comedian under the surface of those brilliant dramatic chops.”

Daniel’s comedy credentials have long been in attendance, if you ask us. First there was his role in A Young Doctor’s Notebook opposite Jon Hamm as the older version of the same character, and before that there was his memorable cameo in Ricky GervaisExtras as himself (albeit an exceptionally spoiled, bratty version).

This new show is his first made especially for American television, however. Miracle Workers will be just seven episodes long and will air on TBS some time in 2018.

Do you like the sound of this?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.