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The FOX X-Men spin-off series, The Gifted, is picking up speed, with the title recently being announced and a fall premiere just confirmed by the first look teaser trailer released yesterday (May 9).

The story revolves around two parents, played by True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and Person of Interest‘s Amy Acker, who are thrown a child rearing curve ball when they learn their teenage daughter and son have mutant powers.

The X-Men abilities cover quite a range as seen in Bryan Singer‘s film adaptations (he’s also directing Gifted) of the Marvel comics, with characters like Storm being able to control the weather, Wolverine sprouting blades from his knuckles, Professor X reading minds… and, you get the point.

So naturally we’ve been wondering, just what are these teenagers capable of? With their parents being strictly human, the brother and sister duo won’t necessarily have the guidance needed to control what’s to come.

Here we see the older sister (Natalie Alyn Lind) looking out for her little brother (Percy Hynes White), and using her powers to outwit… a vending machine:

And as we know from earlier reporting, the family is not absolutely on their own. An underground network of mutants comes to their aid.

We’ll find out more when the official trailer releases on May 15.

Upate (May 15, 11:36am EST): And, here we are, it’s Monday, May 15, and as promised, the official releaser has released:

Please watch this space, which we’ll continue to update as more news is announced.

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By Brigid Brown