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'Knock Knock' fan art (Photos: Twitter/Tumblr)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day, a universal search for nuggets of Whovian delight from the last week in social media.

And we start this week with “Knock Knock,” the story of a creepy house, disturbing insects and a dark secret:

• It’s the first Doctor Who episode to feature binaural sound:

David Suchet loved playing the Landlord:

• And he joined writer Mike Bartlett on Doctor Who: The Fan Show:

• There’s a fact file:

• Or two:

• The story proved to be quite a worrisome experience for fans:

• And for the cast, makeup was quite intense:

Mandeep Dhillon (aka Shireen) has the X Factor:

Bart Suavak (Pavel) got the housemate selfie:

Alice Hewkin (Felicity) got the full portrait:

• Which is a cue for the Landlord to mysteriously appear:

• And the fan artists have had a field day:

• Some images were a little too real:

• There were jokes:

• Don’t. Just… don’t:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• A celebration of time:

• More Bill fan art:

Bill Potts – Pearl Mackie by ExpandingUniverse on DeviantArt

• Mixital want your spookiest fanfiction:

• The Twelfth Doctor’s time is running out:

• The mystery of the vault is still taxing fans, to the extent there’s even a #whatsinthevault hashtag with some very odd suggestions:

• Eye Doctors:

• Team Puppet:

• Cuddly snowman, anyone?

• Dalek Side of the Moon:

• This is a lovely gif:

• Fan theories we wish were true:

• And to finish this week, here’s a preview clip from “Oxygen,” in which the Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space:


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By Fraser McAlpine