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Ooh, two young up-and-comers in the same flick? Sounds good to us…

While both Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley are well-known — starring in films like The Hunger Games and Divergent, respectively — they still have long careers ahead of them to maneuver.

Choosing what roles to take on after starring in huge franchises like the above is tricky. But these two currently seem to be homing in on the true-life story Adrift. Claflin is currently “in negotiations,” according to Variety… but, it seems far enough along that we can confidently share this with Anglo readers. Woodley, on the other hand, talked about this role at the 2016 Berlin Film Festival in December — so she’s in, fo’ sure!

The drama follows a young woman, Tami Oldham, who sails into a hurricane in an attempt to recover the man she loves, fiancé Richard Sharp, who is lost at sea.

She’s tasked with this seemingly impossible mission without any sort of communication or navigation equipment.

Oldham tells the story first-hand in her memoir, Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea. With the film’s synopsis being so brief, here’s a description of the book itself:

Picture yourself in a tropical climate, sailing out to sea with your fiancé. Life is perfect; you’re young and in love. Then picture everything going horribly wrong. You inadvertently sail into a hurricane, you’re injured, and you wake up to find that your loved one is gone. Your boat’s motor is shot and your masts have disappeared. Utterly alone, you’re weeks from dry land.

Thankfully, she lived to tell her story, but it took her 41 days to get back to dry land.

How she did she do it? Well, that is the question…

Since their Hunger Games/Divergent days, Claflin and Woodley have taken other projects, like with Claflin starring opposite Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) in 2016’s Me Before You. And we just saw Woodley as a scene-stealer in the highly-acclaimed Big Little Lies, which premiered earlier this year on HBO.

Do these kind of harrowing stories continue to have an impact on you after you’ve left the theater? 

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By Brigid Brown