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It may be hard to picture “our” sweet Daniel Radcliffe as a bruiser, but, it’s happening… at least in film form. Writer-director Jason Lei Howden‘s Guns Akimbo places Radcliffe into a fight club.

Radcliffe (Swiss Army Man) takes on the role of an office worker, in a dead-end job, still hung up on his ex-girlfriend, reports Deadline. Things take a turn for Radcliffe’s character when he discovers an underground fight club through the dark net. The fights, which are to the death, are streamed online.

Guns Akimbo is in the very early stages, so we’ll have to rely on our imagination. If you need some help wrapping your mind around the former child star brawling, you can take a peek at him starting a fight in the below scene from Now You See It 2 (but, not actually fighting):

And, again, another fight breaks out around his character in Horns (but, he’s not actually fighting). It’s a little NSFW based on language, so you can find the clip over at YouTube.

And, in this interview with late night host Conan O’Brien, Elijah Wood talks about fighting Radcliffe (but, no one is actually fighting):

OK, so to sum it up: the above clips probably didn’t do anything to help you picture Radcliffe street fighting for his life. But, we can picture what he might look like right BEFORE an impending fight, though.

Radcliffe seems to be on a role, taking on a string of quirky roles, as seen in the above clip in Horns, as a corpse in 2016’s Swiss Army Man, and Igor in 2015’s Victor Frankenstein. This latest role seems to fall somewhere along the lines of the underdog personas he’s also drawn to, like in the rom-com What If, with a dash of… edge.

Well, that’s assuming he can fight. Who knows, he might be killed off in the first frame… but, probably not.

We can also look for Radcliffe in 2017’s survival horror story, entitled Jungle. And 2018’s Beast of Burden, revolving around drug trafficking.

What do you think of this latest role? 

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By Brigid Brown