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Colin Firth is re-teaming with director Pat O’Connor — who directed the British actor in the 1987 film A Month in the Country — for a movie charting the last few months of essayist Walter Benjamin‘s life, based on the novel Benjamin’s Crossing, reports Deadline.

Benjamin (Firth) may not be a household name per se, but was a well-known philosopher, intellect and critic, who was forced to flee Paris ahead of the 1940 Nazi Invasion, escaping persecution for being Jewish. The film picks up at the point when he’s leaving his home, with the film description reading: “With nowhere else to turn, he meets Lisa Fittko, who is helping refugees escape to Spain through the Pyrenees. Despite his weak physical condition, Lisa reluctantly agrees to bring him along, leading an unlikely group of refugees on a daring adventure that will change their lives forever.”

Jay Parini, who wrote the novel, and adapted it into a screenplay with Devon Jersild, brings us up to speed on Benjamin via his author website, writing, “Walter Benjamin was among the most important intellectuals of this century: a seminal critic and philosopher. He has, in the past three decades, acquired almost cult status in the academic world.”

The New York Times asked, “Who was Walter Benjamin?” and attempted to answer it as part of this 2000 book review of his English-language edition of The Arcades Project.

If you’d like a peek at O’Connor and Firth’s earlier collaboration (also starring Kenneth Branagh), here’s a look at the trailer for A Month in the Country:

We can also look for Firth in the Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle (September 22). He is currently filming Mary Poppins Returns, starring as William Weatheral Wilkins, releasing in 2018.

Benjamin’s Crossing is set to start filming in fall of 2017.

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By Brigid Brown