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Summer is just around the corner, and who better to go on holiday, aka, vacation, with than Catastrophe‘s co-writer and co-star Sharon Horgan? She seems like she’d be a lot of fun, up for anything, and when push comes to shove, possibly the voice of reason.

We binge watched season three of Catastrophe, and as usual, we were left wanting more — of Horgan as well as the show. We’ll get that fix one way or another, even if it means dreaming up scenarios… like vacationing with our new gal pal.

Here are 10 reasons we’d want Catastrophe‘s leading lady at our (beach) side:

1. She co-wrote Pulling.
If you’re not across the comedy series Pulling (2006-2009), about three women in their 30s figuring out work, life and love (not necessarily in that order), then it’s time to head over to Amazon for a catch up. Horgan co-wrote the series with Dennis Kelly and cast herself in the lead as Donna, who dumps her fiancé jus a few days before the wedding in the series opener. She takes a spin around single life and it’s not quite what she imagined. Even so, she makes the best of it. Which is a great trait in a travel companion. Like when you show up to the hotel in off-season by mistake and it’s completely deserted. We can make our own fun.

2. She has her priorities straight.
We have no problem with the American Doll store, per se (to be honest, never been), but Horgan doesn’t hold back when chatting with late night host Conan O’Brien about the toy phenom. She tells a slightly heated story about going to the store to get her daughter’s doll’s ears pierced, describing it as, “Evil.” She really didn’t want to take part in the doll’s rite of passage, but she still did so to please her daughter. She’d be a trooper on vacay, say, at a wet n’ wild water theme park, and happy to indulge our own childish demands: “One more trip down the slide! Pur-lease!”

3. She can put up with a lot.
The Wrap has a “quickie” interview with Horgan in the below clip, covering some behind-the-scenes topics like production, filming and working with the late Carrie Fisher on Catastrophe, which was actually her last role. But, what stands out most, is what Horgan has to put up with from her Catastrophe co-writer and co-star Rob Delaney. She describes something slightly off-putting, like she’s joking, but we’re not entirely sure… You can see what we’re getting at in the below clip. Horgan seems to be a patient person, and we suspect she’d be great in tight quarters, like in a cabin on a cruise ship.

4. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge.
Horgan took the BAFTA 60-second challenge back in 2016 when she was a Best Actress nominee for her role in Catastrophe (she and Delaney won the Best Writer – Comedy category at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards that year). She entered the challenge head on, pulling the questions out of a glass bowl. She answered them all on the spot, with no preparation ahead of time. The best is probably advice on what not to do — actually, more specifically, what not to bring — on an audition (00:57). We feel like we could count on her for a good ol’ fashioned game of Truth or Dare or I Never on a camping getaway. Though, we may need to recruit some fellow travelers. Might get weird with just two people…

5. She’s not uppity.
Traveling with someone can really test a friendship. Even the most even-keeled person may lose it after a long day of planes, trains and automobiles. Not “our” Sharon. In the below red carpet interview with her writing partner Delaney, her feet are hurting. What does she do? Takes one shoe off, leans on her friend and gets right back to answering questions. Now, that’s how you do it. She wouldn’t be one to complain if her luggage didn’t arrive on time at the airport. That’s what stores are for.

6. She’s a woman’s woman.
She’s not just funny, she’s intelligent and she puts her smarts to use in a series of documentaries she made for Channel 4. Horgan explores what it takes to be a good mother, manage a marriage and what happens when you find yourself on the verge of a midlife crisis. She’s definitely armed and ready for anything a holiday could bring. We’re thinking safari or yoga retreat based on the clip below.

7. She’s up for fancy dress.
We’re not talking about throwing on a posh frock and heels. Fancy dress in the U.K. (where Horgan was born and now lives) means dressing up in costume. And it happens more often than you think. Could be just a random party… Brits don’t necessarily wait for October 31 to put on disguise. Or, like in the scene below from Psychobitches, when Horgan’s character, Anna, shows up for a therapy session dressed as Carmen Miranda. We’ll pack our baggage, but leave the analysis at home. Fancy dress combined with a cross-continental train trip could be a winner. We could even do our own version of Clue.

8. She can turn something not-so-great into something positive.
Horgan is also the creator of the HBO series Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. She talks to WNYC radio’s David Remnick about her writing, covering not getting married (Pulling), marriage (Catastrophe) and divorce (Divorce). He asks her why she’s made writing about relationships her dramatic obsession: “I didn’t go out of my way to make that happen… It wasn’t part of my master plan.” She says it’s worked out for her, writing about things she cares about, and even sees divorce as a beginning of something. It’s a new life, but just… different… and separate. We all have that friend that always says, “No,” but Horgan sounds like she’d say “Yes,” to suggestions while out exploring.

9. She’s friends with Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
We have a squad! A small squad, but that’s just fine. We recently did a 10 Reasons post on Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is also a showrunner, writing and starring in Fleabag (not to mention she’s heading to BBCA with Killing Eve). It make sense that these two extremely talented women know each other. The pair even did a sit-down chat with It sounds like the Q&A went a little rogue, though, with the women ultimately talking to each other more than the interviewer. Hang on, what if we’re the odd gal out on holiday, what with these two being so close? No, never. Horgan’s no friend jumper. We’re confident they’d both be inclusive.

10. She’s really just too sweet.
Yes, she may curse and be a little bit of a naysayer in the roles she plays on TV, but when Horgan won Best Actress for Pulling at the British Comedy Awards… her face… her face… it was just so precious and genuine. You could see how elated she was. And her speech was humbled and grateful. Yes, she did say “crap” but she’s just being herself. And actually, we kind of love that she slips in a swear to cut through the sentimentality. We trust this lady would make us laugh, cheer us up and just generally be the best companion a girl could ask for on a great adventure. Any suggestions, Sharon?

Join our squad — where should we all go on holiday together!? 

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By Brigid Brown