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Fandom is a seething hotbed of creative energy, across all artistic fields from music to art to theater. And with relatively cheap and easy access to film editing and effects software, there’s no shortage of creative ways to pay tribute to your favorite movie franchise.

So in tribute to all budding film-makers who are sharpening their teeth making homages to Marvel, Star Wars or Harry Potter, here are 10 creative responses to the least celebrated of film editing assignments, the movie trailer:

Back to the Future

Tyler Hopkins took footage from a broad span of movies, not least the Back to the Future franchise, in order to create a trailer for a mythical film called 1.21 Gigawatts, a prequel to Back to the Future in which Doc Brown gathers the necessary fuel for his time machine car.

Beauty and the Beast

Condensing this idea down a little, Norwegian comedy YouTube channel PistolShrimps has taken excerpts from the Harry Potter movies to put Emma Watson back in her old movie franchise and facing Hermione Granger’s deadliest foe, with the heartcooling tale of Beauty and Lord Voldemort.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

And while we’re on the works of J.K. Rowling, this is glorious: an 8-bit videogame rendering of the entire trailer to Fantastic Beasts by JoBlo Movie Trailers, complete with Pokemon-style magical creatures, speechbubble snatches of the movie’s dialogue and 8-bit theme music too.

The Matrix

YouTuber pixelspersecond has hit upon a winning way to discuss the events in a film without giving away all the key plot points. His mother had never seen The Matrix, so he sat her down with it, then afterwards he asked her to tell him the story of the film, and he used her testimony to build a trailer. This should at least encourage people to go back to the original to try and figure out what she’s talking about.

Star Wars: Rogue One

ArtSpear Entertainment’s ToonSandwich takes the trailers for movies and milks them for comic ideas, which they then recreate as a cartoon skit. Their take on Star Wars: Rogue One picks at Jyn Erso’s inner teen, and her hero complex, and Darth Vader’s father issues.


This skit, by cannibalmilkshake, makes for a wonderful trailer for an alternate reality Bond movie, in which his serial philandering finally catches up with him, and he finds himself raising a son he did not know existed. So it’s half Bond movie, half Three Men and a Baby.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sometimes a really simple juxtaposition of ideas can work even better than the real thing, like this Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer by Bevan Bell, which is cut to the theme song to the 1960s Spider-Man cartoons. For comic book fans of a certain age, this isn’t just a kitsch trick, it’s a Proustian rush wrapped in a modern day mask.

Home Alone

The cartoon violence in Home Alone was kept just the right side of real (or the wrong side, depending on how medically accurate you like your cartoon violence), with the two hapless homebreakers coming away injured, but not seriously, after some brutal encounters with the resourceful Kevin McCallister. But what if someone were to use computer effects to put the blood back? Bitmassive is that person, and it’s fair to say that the film doesn’t look quite as cheery as it did.


And while we’re recasting the tone of familiar movies, how about this trailer for Frozen by Bobby Burns, which takes the most disturbing shots from the film and chains them together with a dark undercurrent of foreboding and the sharp shock treatment more commonly used on trailers for horror movies. Do you want to build a snowman? No.

Full Metal Jacket

And to balance things out, here’s dondrapersayswhat’s trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s brutal Vietnam war story, told as if it was a heartwarming tale of a bumbling recruit who learns to be the perfect soldier, with the support of his comrades in arms.

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By Fraser McAlpine