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Did Ryan Gosling move to Arizona, go back to high school and recreate the La La Land opening in the school parking lot? Umm, nope! But, a clever teenager from Emma Stone‘s hometown of Phoenix did take on that challenge.

Apparently, prom is around the corner, it’s about that time with the school year coming to a close in May. It’s not uncommon for seniors to think up unique ways to ask their potential date to prom, trying to stand out from the crowd.

Enter Jacob Staudenmaier.

The 17-year-old, who has a striking resemblance to Stone’s La La Land co-star Gosling (maybe it’s just us), definitely put some thought into who he wanted to go to prom with. And, he put a lot effort into the proposal.

Enter the high schooler’s sendup of the La La Land opening (oh, and at 1:01 he sings about people saying he looks like Ryan Gosling, so, OK, it’s not just us). He’s re-worked the lyrics to fit the occasion, asking Ms. Stone to be his date:

Staudenmaier points out in the new lines that he kind of waited until the last minute to figure out a plan. His prom is on April 29.

It’s not super late, he still has time, but, now we’re thinking… what if Stone is unavailable?

We did a little check in, Stone has completed Battle of the Sexes, the Billie Jean King biopic, which she takes on the title role. She’s set to star in the TV series Maniac, which is in pre-production. She’s also signed on to star in the Disney film Cruella; yes, as in 101 Dalmatians‘ Cruella de Vil, which is also in pre-production.

Looking good. Looking good. Her schedule seems to have some room…

And, then, we get to The Favourite. She is currently filming the political biopic, revolving around the reign of Britain’s Queen Anne, the last monarch of The House of Stuarts. Stone takes on the role of Abigail Masham. Masham had a royal lineage, but her family had fallen on hard times. Her cousin, a duchess, secured an appointment for her in the Queen’s household, becoming the Queen’s “favourite.”

So, with that said, Stone is probableee… we hate to say it… [insert wincing] … in the… U.K…. right about now?

But, we’re not ones to give up hope. That’s what planes are for.

And, if you’re still not quite seeing the resemblance between Staudenmaier and Gosling, maybe this Graham Norton Show appearance with the La La Land star will be the clincher, when Norton breaks out a snap of Gosling in his high school years:

We’re cheering for you, Jacob!!

Do you think Emma Watson can find some wiggle room to fit in a prom?

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By Brigid Brown