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Anne Hathaway‘s relationship with moviegoers has been strained the past few years, as outlined in this Buzzfeed article, “Anne Hathaway Can’t Win.” Even so, she keeps trying.

She swung by The Late Late Show last night (April 20) to chat with James Corden. He started off with a “softball” question, to set the mood, asking Hathaway what her favorite rom-com is. But, she came back with a hard-hitting answer, “Gone Girl. Think about it.”

Well, the story does revolve around a married couple. But, they fell out of love in a most terrible way.

Corden didn’t really need to think about it, zinging right back, “Yeah, but not really… there’s no, ‘I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to kill her.” Touché. Hathaway defends her answer in the below, pointing out specific moments in the film that re-categorizes the crime-thriller under rom-com, to her:

And, who else was on the guest roster? Oh, none other than Catastrophe‘s Rob Delaney, and he did not miss the opportunity to put his comedic skills to use, providing his favorite rom-com: Inception.

Armie Hammer was also in-studio for a catch-up. And, what is his favorite rom-com? Oh, you know, Fight Club.

So, based on Hathaway’s theory, if there are two people romantically tied to each other, no matter what’s going on in the story, it’s is indeed a rom-com.

Corden puts it best, “This is just really not what any of us expected.”

While no one is keeping score, we do give Hathaway points for shaking things up a bit.

Based on Anne Hathaway’s rules, what’s your favorite non-rom-com? 

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By Brigid Brown