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Well, we already knew that! But, now it’s officially-official, coming from the show co-creator and runner, Steven Moffat.

There’s always this question looming over fans of Sherlock: “Will there be more?” There are long stretches between seasons, but us diehard viewers don’t mind, because when those three stellar episodes do arrive… it’s bliss. And, of course, let’s not forget the Christmas special — cha ching! It’s the kind of series you can watch more than once, dissecting every move, and pick up on something new the second time around. So, technically, if you look at it that way, the season can be stretched out.

But there’s always the lingering fear that one day Sherlock may not come back for a new run — say, for instance, if the show’s extremely in demand lead actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman decided they were done. So, when RadioTimes asked Moffat a somewhat loaded question: “Would Sherlock‘s writers ever consider re-casting the detective and his friend John Watson if it meant they could make more episodes?,” we’re sure everyone in earshot held their breath.

Of course, we have an inkling of what the answer would be — and you probably do, too — but, just to set the record straight… the idea was shot down, and shot down fast.

Moffat, got straight to the point, saying, “Absolutely not. Under no circumstances.”

He expanded on what Cumberbatch and Freeman bring to the table, “This version of Sherlock Holmes is those two actors, it absolutely is. And I know that because I saw it the very first time that Martin and Benedict played those parts together in the audition room.”

Oooh, do tell more, Steven.

Apparently, Cumberbatch was cast first, but Moffat was still looking for his Watson. Enter: Freeman.

Moffat talks us through the process, saying, “I had cast Benedict and we hadn’t cast a Watson yet and in Martin came, the two of them acted together. All the wonderful cinematography and the beautiful score and all that was still in the future but there was the show, there was the show just right there as if by magic, right in front of us, and I leaned over to Mark (Gatiss) and said, ‘That’s it, that’s the show right there.’ You can’t recast that, that’s what it is.”

He ends the interview on a very sweet note: “I’m very, very proud of Sherlock. You can admire great cinematography, a great score, great direction, you can admire all those things, but you only fall in love with people, and the people you fall in love with on Sherlock are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.”

You don’t have to sell us on it, we get it.

Moffat may have been delightfully forthcoming on the recasting query, but, alas, we’ll have to wait for an answer to the other question consuming Sherlock fans: “When do we get more Sherlock?!”

Are you shocked by the mere suggestion of replacing “our” Benedict and Martin? 

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By Brigid Brown