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In 2015, composers David Arnold and Michael Price produced a BBC Sherlock Prom, featuring Sherlock co-creator and star Mark Gatiss and mezzo-soprano Christine Rice. The BBC Concert Orchestra performed music from the series and works representing the world of Sherlock by artists including Nicolò Paganini, Orlande de Lassus and Richard Wagner.

And now, both Arnold and Price are on deck to put on a follow-up concert, celebrating the fan favorite series, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The second concert will not be a part of the BBC Proms series.

Arnold talked about what’s to come, telling, “I think it’ll be a good night out to be honest. What’s lovely about doing it live is that it kind of comes back to you because it’s just you, the music and the audience.”

Arnold and Price also created the music that accompanied the introduction of Sherlock’s sister in season four, Eurus (Sian Brooke). At first it was upbeat and lively, but later in the season we heard a slowed down, mournful version when Sherlock and his sister performed a violin duet together.

The composer talks about how the music helped set the scene for Eurus, saying, “In episode one we did a very cheerful, innocent version of Eurus’s theme in a major key for when she was on the bus [disguised as John’s love interest Elizabeth].”

Here’s a look at a still from that scene:

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

Arnold points out how the same piece of music — played a little differently throughout a story — can help underpin a character’s evolvement: “These tiny things are seeded right from the start so by the time it gets to you as a violin solo, there is something, whether you recognize it or not, that has happened three hours ago when you see her in disguise.”

Sometimes the music in a series is so natural, it just blends in with what we’re watching. But, it is a really important element to storytelling. For instance, the Sherlock opener definitely sets the pace for the show:

That reminds us, here’s an earlier Anglo post on the 50 most stylish opening credits.

As for the next Sherlock concert, the lineup is still unconfirmed, although Arnold and Price have said that it will include music from the fourth season.

Which pieces of music would you like to hear in follow-up? 

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By Brigid Brown