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Is it Karen Gillan week, with two updates, two days in a row? Not officially, but actors do tend to land in the news quite a bit when they’re promoting a new project.

As we know, Gillan returns as Nebula in the Marvel series Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, premiering this Friday, April 28, and she’s been doing the rounds promoting the film. Naturally, the conversation turned to her former roles.

We believe in giving credit where due, and that’s just what Gillan does when talking about earning the part of Amy Pond in Doctor Who via showrunner Steven Moffat.

RadioTimes asked Gillan if she’s been in touch with Moffat about what he’s up to these days. She hasn’t, but she confesses that he’s due a call, exclaiming, “I do need to call him and thank him for giving me a career, because he’s responsible for it!”

That is the thank you of all thank yous.

In the same conversation, Gillan outlined the DW audition process, saying, “Going in for the recall audition for Doctor Who and reading with Matt Smith was when it came alive.”

Realizing she had chemistry with her potential costar must have been electrifying moment for Gillan.

She continued on with the story: “It wasn’t just what I was doing, it’s what he was doing combined with what I was doing. That combination really worked, the energies came together. I think that’s what [Moffat] saw. He felt it.”

We don’t know exactly what Moffat saw when watching the two actors play off of each other, but he did recently describe Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the audition room for Sherlock, saying, “There was the show.” It sounds very similar to Gillan’s experience above.

Gillan joined Doctor Who in 2008. Between 2006-2008, she had had a handful of TV roles, including Teri Cotter on Rebus (2006), Holly on Harley Street (2008), Anna in Coming Up (2008), Ginny Turner in the TV movie Stacked (2008).

We’ll never know what would have happened with Gillan’s career if she hadn’t earned the role of the Doctor’s companion; but we’re SO glad she did.

And, she’s not wasting the opportunity Moffat gave her with his casting decision. She’s now writing, directing and starring in the film The Party’s Just Beginning.

If you’re missing Gillan as Amy Pond, here’s a look back at Anglo’s A Companion to the Doctor’s Companions: Amy Pond.

Do you think DW made Karen Gillan’s career?

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By Brigid Brown