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@marshcaps' fan art (Photo: Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a skybound firework rocket stuffed with a week’s worth of Time Lord stuff and nonsense collated from social media and fandom in general.

And this week, there’s really only one thing on our minds, the triumphant return of Doctor Who to our screens!

Let’s start with an appropriate fanfare! Here’s a cover version of the Doctor Who theme, as played on euphonium, tuba, cimbasso and piano by Scott Sutherland:

• As part of the buildup to the broadcast, Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi appeared on this otherworldly piece of street art:

• Fan reaction has been intense, creative and above all, speedy, both during the buildup…:

• …and even more so afterwards:

It means life. #DoctorWho #DrWho #PeterCapaldi #TwelfthDoctor #12thDoctor #PearlMackie #MattLucas #Trainspotting

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• Oh, and there were some unexpectedly romantic consequences too:

• There were tons of hidden details:

Matt Lucas and Pearl Mackie enjoyed the fan reactions:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show has this 20-minute insider debrief on “The Pilot,” with Pearl and Steven Moffat:

• More on the relationship between the Doctor and Bill here:

• Pearl Mackie on Bill’s clothes:

• Pearl and Peter and Steven on Bill:

• A fan-made Bill action figure:

• And this poster by Stuart Manning:

• “It’s bigger on the inside!”

• How Heather happened:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• LONG overdue:

• The word you’re looking for is “magnificent”

• A visit to the Doctor Who set:

Doctor Who stories from Graham Norton‘s red chair:

• A behind-the-scenes report from 1972’s “Carnival of Monsters”

• And this beautiful illustration from 1976:

• But let’s round off this week with a look towards next week’s adventure. Here’s a brief (but still slightly spoilery) preview clip from “Smile:”


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By Fraser McAlpine