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Time Lass Creations's Cyberman (Photo: YouTube)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a last-minute rescue from the oncoming forces of interstellar tedium, drawn from a week’s worth of Whovian social media.

And as Season 10 is almost upon us (April 15!), we begin this week with an amazing fan-made trailer that Time Lass Creations has created, including Mondassian Cybermen that are every bit as creepy as the real thing:

Elsewhere, the last minute preparations for Season 10’s opening episode “The Pilot” are in full flow. Filming is over:

Teasers are circulating:

Here’s how Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie introduce the story:

Pearl introduces Bill Potts:

And is interviewed by Peter:

And there are pics…

…and further information here, if you want to rush ahead:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat had stern words for cyberbullies:

• Ideas for Doctor Who Easter merch:

• But perhaps the biggest thrill was finding out that John Simm is making a return as the Master, to take part in a double-trouble story with Michelle Gomez as Missy.

• Fan reaction was swift and effervescent:

• Here’s Steven Moffat explaining how the door was kept open for John Simm’s return:

• Inverted worlds a speciality:

• Psychic Paper’s Binary Hearts Club Band:

• Cybermen can be so blunt:

• This is great, impressionists Jake Dudman and Jon Culshaw recreated the “great curator” scene from “The Day of the Doctor,” with guest appearances from two of the Doctor’s other selves:


• The TARDIS turns out to be pretty precise:

• The Doctor and new pals:

• The Doctor’s new samurai friend:

• Vintage fan art:

• Let’s round off this week as we began, with creative Whovians showing their skills on YouTube. Murray Gold‘s Rose Tyler theme is a piece of Whovian music that doesn’t often get the YouTube cover love that it should, so here it is, played on guitar(s) by Sterrenherfst:


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By Fraser McAlpine