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'Smile' fan art (Photos: Twitter/Tumblr)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a tractor beam trawl of memes, fan art and general Whovian stuff and nonsense over the past week on the internet.

And speaking of memes, we start this week with the meme-iest Doctor Who story thus far. The Doctor and Bill met the Vardy and the Emojibots in “Smile” on Saturday, and naturally fandom reacted gloriously.

Here’s how Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie introduced the episode:

• With a little help from Steven Moffat:

• Pearl offers a guided tour of the set in Valencia:

• Peter and Pearl meet the Spanish fans on set:

• And there’s more from behind the scenes here:

Kaizer Akhtar (who played Praiseworthy) reveals what it’s like to meet the Doctor:

• And this fan made cakes:

• Peter and Pearl join Doctor Who: The Fan Show for a quick debrief afterwards:

• Naturally there’s a fact file:

• And a ton of fan reactions:

• Plus these reviews:

• And let’s not forget the elephant outside of the room. Here’s the preview of Saturday’s new episode, “Thin Ice:”

• Oh by the way, this was the reaction on Australian TV to the moment the Doctor took Bill to Sydney in “The Pilot:”

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• As if “Blink” wasn’t creepy enough, here’s a horror movie-style fan-trailer:

• Peter Capaldi turned up at the March for Science over the weekend:

• Here he is again, in digital artistry form:

• Hats off to this gentleman, who built two Daleks in his garden shed, the second one to guard the first:

• Surely the only Nardole/Iggy Pop crossover in human history:

• Stay excited, Lee Binding:

• A romantic wish for everyone:

• What if Doctor Who was Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Here’s a trailer:

• This is SO wrong:

• Mind you, this is wronger:

• And let’s round off this week on a musical moment. The British rock ‘n’ roll guitar veteran Hank Marvin has recorded an instrumental version of the Doctor Who theme, and is releasing it as a single. It’s classy:


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By Fraser McAlpine