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Nathalie Sjögren's Doctor Who needlework (Photos: Instagram/Nathalie Sjögren)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, an immaculately sifted pile of Gallifreyan time nuggets, that have been washed through a digital sieve over the past week on the internet.

And this week, before we get into the fan responses to the second trailer for Season 10, we begin with something altogether different.

Swedish seamstress Nathalie Sjögren is very handy at making needle felted dolls out of wool. And she has not only made dolls of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler (and the TARDIS), she created this short stop-motion video to show them off, and it’s rather lovely:

She’s set to work on the Doctor over a year ago:

And even made a Dalek (in keyring form):

And an Eleven to go with it:

Before settling down to work on Rose:

Now, here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Did we mention a new trailer? Here it is:

Pearl Mackie is pleased, it’s fair to say:

Doctor Who fans haven’t missed a thing:

• Although this seems to be the overriding response to one shot in particular:

• Pearl Mackie was interviewed by BBC News, discussing Bill and the Doctor’s all-inclusive attitude towards his traveling companions:

Christel Dee had a pertinent response:

• Speaking of whom:

Doctor Who Magazine has a famous fan:

SFX has the inside skinny on Season 10

• And Radio Times has clues:

• New portraits of the Doctor, Bill and Nardole:

• “The Pilot,” the first episode of Season 10, will be coming to movie theaters on April 17 and 19, and will be accompanied by the first episode of the Doctor Who spinoff Class — written by Patrick Ness — and a special documentary about Pearl Mackie becoming the Doctor’s latest companion.

For ticket details, visit the Fathom Events website.

• Is it OK if they cover their eyes?

• Masterful moves, Missy:

• But where did she get the idea from?

• Ever wondered what Doctor Who would have looked and sounded like if it started in the 1980s? Something like this, perhaps:

• This would definitely work:

• “Basically… run.”

• An eerie and bass-heavy cover of the Doctor Who theme:

• The Doctor will sea you now:

• More dreams of this sort, please!

And finally, let us finish this week with two YouTube clip compilations of radically different in tone. The first is a collection of the Doctor’s most heartwrenching separations:

And the second, a glorious celebration of some of the silliest Doctor Who moments, the bits in between the running and the world-saving:


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By Fraser McAlpine