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It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Simon Pegg. Last summer we reported on his upcoming role in 2017’s noir thriller, Terminal, starring opposite Margot Robbie, but since then it’s been a little quiet. However, we go with the adage: no news is good news.

But now, we do have some tangible (good) news. The funnyman, known for films like The Cornetto Trilogy, Mission Impossible, and Star Trek, is set to star in indie movie, Lost Transmissions.

He takes on the role of Theo Ross, a music producer in L.A., who’s gone off his meds to control his schizophrenia, causing him to relapse. Ross’ songwriter friend — yet to be cast — notices his behavior has changed and rallies their mutual friends in an attempt to help him get back on track.

There has been some pushback on how Hollywood handles the dramatization of mental illness, with critics claiming it’s often glorified or inaccurately linked to violence. But according to Pulse Films’ Thomas Benski, who is on deck to produce, this film is a true story (though we’re not sure whose), so we’re hopeful that the characters and storylines will provide a more accurate portrayal.

Writer and director Katharine O’Brien did address approaching this sensitive subject matter, telling, “In dealing with mental health, Lost Transmissions combines both comedic and tragic elements. Simon has such a uniquely attuned sense of how to play a range of comedy in moments that still feel real. I’m excited to embrace his very fine skills as a dramatic actor with this film.”

This is O’Brien’s feature film debut, but she has written and directed a number of shorts, including Night Taxi (2008), Waiting Room (2009), and Illusive Fields (2012). You can check out a sampling of her work over at Vimeo.

Pegg really runs the gamut in his film and role choices, tackling everything from straight comedy (Spaced) and romantic comedies (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People) to sci-fi (Doctor Who), and now a hybrid of sorts with Lost Transmissions, which is billed as a drama with comedic elements.

Do you have a favorite Simon Pegg role? 

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By Brigid Brown