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Welcome to Coal Hill Academy, where prom decorations may just be interrupted by a deadly monster attack. Class, BBC America’s thrilling new series, premiered last Saturday at 10/9c (immediately following the series premiere of Doctor Who). If you’re a fan of The Doctor and his adventures, the smart combination of high school drama and sci-fi, or are currently suffering from Thirteen Reasons Why or Stranger Things withdrawals, read on for the 13 reasons why you need to get acquainted with the students (and aliens) of Class — and immediately.

1. It’s Not Too Late to Watch the Premiere — and For Free!
If you missed the very first episode of Class, ‘For Tonight We Might Die,’ you needn’t fret: It’s currently available for free on and on the BBCA app. Get ready to meet four very different students — Charlie, April, Ram, and Tanya — as well as their acerbic physics teacher Miss Quill, and buckle up as they face the nightmarish creatures that find their way into their world.

2. It’s Like Doctor Who, but High School
… and that proves to be a pretty killer combo. Class exists within the vast, intergalactic Doctor Who universe — The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) even makes a cameo in the premiere — except in this case, it’s high school students (and alien students) who must face-off against a common enemy known as the “Shadow Kin.” Spoiler alert: They’re a wee bit formidable.

3. The Show is Darker Than You’d Think (*spoilers below*)
This show may be about teenagers, but it isn’t for the faint of heart — which is what will make those who can handle it enjoy it all the more. Most series wouldn’t both kill a main character’s girlfriend and amputate his leg on prom night (tough luck, Ram), but Class isn’t afraid to tackle dark, difficult, and violent subject matter. What can we say… just like Degrassi, it goes there.

4.  Miss Quill. Period.
For reasons still unclear, this Coal Hill Academy chemistry teacher can only wield her one weapon: her brain. But with a mind like her’s, it’s safe to say she’s the ultimate badass. Miss Quill isn’t afraid to push her students to their limits, and also isn’t afraid to crack an iPhone under her heel if she catches you texting. She may be tough, but she’s the leader we’d all want if monster-fighting was suddenly added to the curriculum.

5. The Irresistibly Witty Dialogue
We’ll let these gems from the season premiere speak for themselves.

April, upon finding out Charlie is an alien: “Right. I knew you were either alien or amish.”
The Doctor, on his favorite ‘sport’: “Darts. Maths and alcoholic beverages. the best way to spend a morning.”
Tanya, post-prom night monster attack: “So are we all, like, mates now, then…?”

…and a special shout-out to the students’ Idris Elba and Vampire Diaries references.

6. Each Episode Switches Perspectives 
Sound familiar? Just like the tapes in fellow teen/high school drama Thirteen Reasons Why, Class‘s episodes each focus on a different student, allowing us to get their unique perspective on the insane balancing act of fighting evil and navigating the drama of high school, that has become their new normal. Each has secrets and strong (and often clashing) personalities, so this makes for a clever approach in piecing together the story.

7. It’s Smart Teen Sci-Fi
Like all the best high school movies and TV shows, Class features all the themes and drama we love to get lost in, like high school romance, complicated friendships, and good old fashioned teen angst. It even “promises to fill that Buffy the Vampire Slayer-shaped hole in your life.” It was fellow YA series Buffy, in fact, that helped Class star Sophie Hopkins (April) land her role!

8. It’s Created by YA Master Patrick Ness
Award-winning author Patrick Ness is no stranger to the YA genre. He’s been behind the brilliant A Monster Calls, and popular YA novels such as More Than ThisThe Rest of Us Just Live Here, and the Chaos Walking trilogy. Class is in good hands with someone who understands and can handle the teenage psyche with such a delicate — and fascinating — touch.

9. Miss Quill. Again.
We really just can’t get enough of the character played deliciously by Katherine Kelly. She reminds us of a certain ‘Masterful’ Doctor Who character, and we love imagining these two meeting up…

10. We’re Already ‘Shipping Charlie and Matteusz
The fellow students (played by Greg Austin and Jordan Renzo) get together in the first episode, and their relationship is depicted in a refreshingly casual way, addressed here by creator Patrick Ness (*mild spoiler alert*). The two have a charming chemistry right off the bat, and it also doesn’t hurt that they’re both very easy on the eyes. Charlie + Matteusz 4ever!

11. Kids Fighting Monsters
Just like the ragtag gang in Stranger Things, the central group in Class are faced with an indescribable evil that’s entered their world through a mysterious portal. While some adults (Miss Quill, the Doctor) are able to step in and assist, they’re mostly left to their own devices when it comes to conquering said evil — and they manage to keep their senses of humor intact in the process.

12. The Cast Actually Likes Each Other
Much like the cast of Thirteen Reasons Why, these young actors are actually buds in real life — and to be honest, their offscreen friendship gives us FOMO.

13. Vivian Oparah’s Breakout Performance
In her first ever role, Oparah portrays Tanya, a quick-witted child prodigy who juggles an overprotective mother with her own desires and issues — ya know, like, finding a trustworthy friend group at school and fighting alien shadow-monsters. She’s absolutely captivating on screen, and this role is guaranteed to be the first of many juicy parts to come.

Don’t miss all-new episodes of Class on Saturdays at 10/9c on BBC America, after Doctor Who!

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