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We will be getting a double dose of Ewan McGregor in the third season of Fargo, premiering tonight (April 19) on FX. McGregor stars as feuding brothers, Ray and Emmit Stussy, in the dark comedy, set in Minnesota.

We should point out, they’re not twins.

We repeat, they are not twins. McGregor talked about the unique opportunity and what goes into playing brothers, yet not identical siblings, saying, “I’m playing two brothers so it involves quite a bit of prosthetics and makeup. They look very different, they’re not twins. By playing them, I’ve had to find their voices, which has been a challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed that,” reports Digital Spy.

We’re thrilled to see McGregor double up on screen time and are intrigued to find out what he does with the two characters. At first glance, like the rest of the world, we did think he was playing twins. And, now we have twins on the brain.

If you’re geared up for some double trouble, which we have a feeling the Stussy brothers will bring in Fargo, let’s dabble in some other TV experiences that did indeed feature twins:

1. Brandon and Brenda Walsh 
Brandon and Brenda Walsh were teenage transplants, moving from Minnesota to California, landing in the 90210 zip code. The twin sister and brother duo became the glue that kept their BH gang together in the teen soap opera, Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000), which also included Kelly Taylor, Dylan McKay, Donna Martin, David Silver, and Andrea Zuckerman. It’s known twins tend to be close, growing up at the same time and sharing similar experiences, but these two take it a bit far in the below clip, talking about their friend Andrea losing her virginity. Incidentally, the actress who played Andrea, Gabrielle Carteris, was in her 30s, playing a teenager. AWKward.

2. Michael and Lindsay Bluth
Michael and Lindsay Bluth (her married name is Fünke) grew up as twins in a full house in the cult hit comedy series Arrested Development (2003-2006, and again in 2013 when the show was rebooted). They had their moments as adults when they would definitely cling to each other, because, well, everyone else in their family was a bit off-the-wall. Like in this clip, where Michael picks up on what Lindsay is thinking, or in the scene below when they finish each other’s sentences, scratch that, sandwiches. (Slight spoiler) The two were delivered some news in the season three finale, which may have left them questioning their relationship.

3. Selma and Patty Bouvier  
The twin aunts in The Simpsons, Marge’s sisters, look alike, dress alike, smoke alike, and rip on Homer alike. Sometimes it’s hard to get on with in-laws… now, just times that by two. Oh, and how could we forget, they also laugh alike, seen in the clip below.

4. Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell
What easier way to cast identical twins than with twin actresses. But, in this case, the twins in the show Sister, Sister (1994-1999) have different last names. Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, played by Tia and Tamera Mowry, were separated at birth and reunite as teenagers. It sounds rough, but the two handle it well. It’s like they knew each other their whole lives. And, maybe they did — it’s said twins have their own kind of telepathy, proven or not. These actresses actually talk about having a “twin connection,” even using the term “twin telepathy,” in the below AOL clip. Tamera talks about feeling Tia’s pregnancy cravings one day, and Tia talks about finishing Tamera’s dream one night, and then they laugh in unison.

5. 12 Sets of Identical Twins 
VHI counted on the “twin-tuition” so much so that they created a competition show around it, called Twinning. The show tests 12 sets of twins, determining who has the ultimate bond. Each set of twins is split up, living in two different houses. When the contestants are notified of this, you can tell it’s going to take some getting used to. The identical twins are separated by a wall during the physical challenges. But, they’re still connected… with a short rope. It’s kind of a combination of The Real World meets Wipeout, with a dash of The Newlywed Game (adapted to twins). Having trouble picturing this? Check out the clip below.

6. The Kray Twins
and Reginald Kray were high-profile gangsters in 1960s London. In the second season of BBC America’s series Whitechapel, there’s a copy cat killer, or possibly two, tracing the steps of the identical twins. While we don’t actually see the Kray twins themselves depicted in the series, we do see the real-life brothers in raw footage and photos as part of the investigation. With the storyline revolving around the Krays and their wicked ways, their presence is definitely felt. And we do meet their family members, heirs to their legacy, who, yep, you guessed it, are twins. Craig Parkinson takes on the roles of both Jimmy and Johnny Kray, who we first meet at 00:19 in a police lineup in the below trailer.

7. The Doublemint Twins
It’s difficult to work on a post about twins and not think about Wrigley’s Doublemint campaign. Sure, this isn’t an actual TV show, but in the ’70s and ’80s, identical twins Linda Ryan and Lisa Winters (their maiden name was Yokubinas), were all over TV, promoting “a double pleasure, from Doublemint gum, a double great feeling.” It’s definitely a catchy tune and a clever delivery. The ad continued on, swapping out with new sets of twins, but the classics seem like the most memorable. If this advert is new to you, check it out below.

8. He-Man and She-Ra
Yep, He-Man and She-Ra are siblings, and in fact twins. Princess Adora, whose alter-ego was the Princess of Power, and Prince Adam reigned over the after school cartoon schedule in the ’80s. Their respective shows aired five days a week, with She-Ra entering the Saturday morning time-slot in her second season. He-Man and She-Ra meet for the first time in the 1985 feature-length film, The Secret of the Sword. He-Man didn’t know he had a sister because his memory of her had been wiped away with a magical spell. The two join forces to fight against Skeletor. That’s some serious twin power.

9. Gavin and Andrew Conrad
Real-life twins Gavin and Andrew Conrad starred in the 1984 Doctor Who episode “The Twin Dilemma.” Twin boys (Conrad brothers) have been kidnapped from their home planet, Earth, by alien forces. The boys are needed to work out mathematical equations to help a race of giant gastropods spread their eggs over the planet Jaconda. The Doctor has just regenerated into the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and is getting used to his latest incarnation. After he sorts out his new outfit, surely The Doctor can help rescue the genius twins? You can catch watch all four parts of “The Twin Dilemma” over at iTunes.

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

10. Twin Peaks
A murder happened in Twin Peaks, Washington, leaving the entire town asking, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” The TV series, named after the fictional town, ran for two seasons in 1990 and 1991. And, now, we’re returning to Twin Peaks in 2017 with an entirely new story, but some of the same faces from the original.

Sherlock doesn’t feature twins in any of the storylines, but the British detective gives them a shout out when it comes to solving a case:

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

To clarify: Sherlock is talking to Dr. Watson in “The Abominable Bride” when it appears a woman has risen from the grave. If it were twins, it’d just be too easy of an explanation.

Oh, Sherlock. We’re not disagreeing with you — never — but, in these TV cases, it is (twins that is).

Is this post making you see double? 

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