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It seems a lot of people have a hard time telling fellow red-headed Brits Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran apart, but the Hogwarts alumnus isn’t going to let it get him down.

Over the years he’s made numerous references to the perceived resemblance between the two. First there was the video where Rupert sung along to Ed’s song “Lego House.” Then, earlier this month, he told James Corden people often mistake him for the “Thinking Out Loud” singer, and just as often he finds himself playing along.

“It’s kind of 50/50 now,” he told the late-night talk show host. “It’s like, if someone stops me, it could go either way: I could be Ed, or I could be me.”

Then Yahoo News asked the Snatch actor to read aloud the touching lyrics to Ed’s latest hit “Shape of You,” currently riding high on the Billboard Hot 100, having topped the charts in over 30 countries.

Rupert put on a brave face, delivering each lyric with as much seriousness as he would lines by Shakespeare. Take a look, and we guarantee you’ll never be able to hear the song’s refrain “Oh, I” the same way again:

“I don’t see it, myself,” Rupert says at the end of the video, referencing the resemblance, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished having a bit of fun with it.

Yesterday (March 21), he took the joke a big step further, when MTV presenter Josh Horowitz welcomed him to After Hours as Ed. At first Rupert didn’t seem fazed. But then, after a few deep breaths, and shocking the studio audience by removing his guitar and glasses, he was forced to admit that he’d invented the entire character of “Ed Sheeran” after leaving Harry Potter behind.

“After Potter, all I wanted to do was stretch myself,” he said tearfully. “You know, create some real magic. So, I created a character. He had the voice of an angel. Impossibly wispy facial hair. So I bought a guitar and a bunch of flannel. And I called him Ed.”

Watch his admission here:

Aw, shucks. To think, after all this time, that Ed Sheeran was just Rupert Grint wearing fake sleeve tattoos.

Is it just us, or do Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood have some serious questions to answer?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.