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It was an Anglo triple whammy on The Late Late Show last night (March 6) — quadruple if you count dear old James Corden. (And we most certainly do.)

First, Dan Stevens was on the show to talk about Beauty and the Beast, before being joined by fellow Brit Rupert Grint, whose new series Snatch starts streaming on Crackle next week. And if that wasn’t top-hole enough, Sir Patrick Stewart then turned up to discuss his latest outing as Professor X in Logan.

So, let’s recap: A mutant, a wizard, and a beast. They were all there. Or, as the show’s official Twitter account put it, James’s couch had gone “full-blown British.”

Er, is it just us, or do you feel a new boyband in the making? Or perhaps an all-male tribute to a certain 1990s era girlband? There’s Ginger, Sporty, Posh maybe… not sure who’s Scary… And if pop nostalgia’s your thing, no doubt you were delighted with the show’s choice of musical guests: New Kids on the Block.

Meanwhile, James’s three actor guests looked comfortable with each other, laughing and joking as Dan was inevitably asked about his stint on Downton Abbey. He expressed disbelief at how popular the period drama had become around the world, with fans popping up in the most unexpected of places.

And when Rupert said he was sometimes mistaken for Ed Sheeran, Patrick admitted he too had a lookey-likey, in the form of another follicly-challenged knight of the realm.

But the REAL exclusive came when Patrick discussed his character Professor X, who makes a welcome return in Logan to the world of Wolverine, but for the last few years has been portrayed in his younger years by James McAvoy.

At first, Patrick let slip the devastating news that Logan might be the “perfect moment” to “say thank and goodbye to this franchise” (boooo!), meaning everyone on the couch took a moment to gather their thoughts. But then he offered a morsel of hope, when he suggested the Professor — aka Charles Xavier — might appear in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Now, don’t get us wrong. That would have been exciting enough — can you imagine the prospect of Sir Stewart popping up alongside the Merc with the Mouth? — but Dan then mentioned something even more mind-blowing.

He pointed out there there’s actually a connection with his character David Haller in Marvel series Legion, currently airing on FX. According to the original comics, Professor X is David’s father, which cues up a rather interesting potential father-son storyline. Watch:

Wait. Was that a real job offer? Make it happen, Marvel! We’re not going to be happy until we see Sir Patrick’s name on the dotted line.

Would you watch Dan and Sir Patrick together in Legion?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.