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The final installment of the Wolverine series has finally hit theaters (March 3), and people seem to be liking it. With so much coverage of the film already out there, a journalist at this recent press junket for Logan preferred to go a little off-topic with a list of questions revolving around high school and crushes.

First, we learn what clique, or cliques to be exact, Jackman was in during his high school years, moving swiftly along to favorite type of music in his teens and his best subject in school. Finally, the interviewer lands on a doozy of a question. Or two questions, with a quick follow-up: “Who was your celebrity crush when you were younger? And have you met her since?”

She didn’t even finish the final query fully before Jackman jumped in, announcing, “Olivia Newton-John. Yes.” Yes, meaning he has met her. He did not have to ponder this one.

And it was a doozy of a meeting from the sound of it. The short story is: he told Newton-John of his boyhood crush, annnnnd, he sort of regretted it.

It’s best if you hear him relay what happened in his own words:

Jackman also mentions working with Newton-John’s Grease co-star John Travolta on a film in the above clip. He’s referring, of course, to the 2001 action-thriller Swordfish.

If you need a quick reminder, here’s a look at Jackman as a badass, tousled haired, computer hacker:

Aw, we’re guessing Newton-John was flattered. And if not, it’s been a little over 15 years so she’s probably over it by now.

Did you enjoy seeing Jackman blush as he told the story? 

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By Brigid Brown